Tuesday, August 08, 2006

where we've been

We've been away the last week.

We were a day late getting away because of the death of Farm Tong Saechao, one of the Mien grandmothers @ Trinity. She came to a relationship with Jesus later in life, but has had a great impact on her children and grand-children's generations.

Tuesday through Thursday we were in Peterborough. We stayed at the Best Western. Sure glad we did. We had originally planned on staying at the apartment [Nathan and Jay are going to Fleming College & Trent this fall]. But it is not air conditioned. And it was HOT! I mean really, really HOT! While we were painting Nathan's room [the ceiling and walls were both painted purple - the lighter colour was Taco Bell purple - that's enough to depress anyone!] The sweat was running down my arms & legs. I would kneel down on the drop sheet to paint the baseboard & I would slip - sweat on my knees! The pool was sure nice at the end of a long day of cleaning & painting.

Peterborough also has some nice restaurants:
La Hacienda is a great, Mexican restaurant.
the electric clove is listed in Where To Eat - Canada. Wonderful. One of best place we have ever eaten.

Friday was a relaxing day. We sat for a couple of hours by the Trent Canal in Lakefield
Saturday, we took our time coming home, though Orangeville.

The 2 Sundays we were at
The Meeting House @ Yorkdale Mall. It's been a long time since we were with all 3 kids in a service. It sure impressed my kids when a clip from Scary Movie 3 was used as an into to the sermon. It was also neat, that as we going in that we ran into a a young man who had been part of the congregation I pastored: Hillside Church back in Mount Albert. He is now lead pastor at Rouge Valley Mennonite Church

This last Sunday we were at Kononia Christian Fellowship in Bloomingdale, just outside Waterloo, where my friend Steve Fleming is lead pastor. We ran into one of my daughter's former roommates there, who is planning on going on staff with Campus Crusade.

Yesterday, I got hit with some sort of bug. No energy. Low grade headache. Legs were sore. Heart seemed to be beating fast. A bit of a temperature.

I seem to be a little better today.


nadine said...

You saw Margie? I am so jealous! I love her. And her church.

I had Minden, Joel has Tartu, and Nathan gets his new place. Every kid gets their live-in sauna. It's a rite of passage.

Scott said...

Welcome back! Hope your feeling ship shape soon.