Friday, September 22, 2006


My friend Michael Lewis entitled a recent post: when urine smells like coffee - doesn't that just make you want a cup of java...

He writes...
CBC reported on a report of coffee in Canada, which compares the three major "fast coffee" chains, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and Second Cup.

Enjoy a cool frappucino blended coffee beverage on a warm day? That "coffee" is equivalent in calories and fat to drinking a "quarter pounder".

There's the cbc ratings chart.

A couple of comments.
I like coffee. Black. The way God meant it to be drunk!
But did you notice that the ratings chart doesn't even list black coffee at Tim Horton's?
Did you also notice that there is tons of other drinks... full of sugar and fat... all designed to hide the true flavour of coffee. There are actually other "coffee" drinks that rival a "big mac" for endangering health.

Let's call them what they are... coffee flavoured drinks

What I'm drinking right now...

Cafe Mbeya - fair trade organic Tanzanian coffee,
imported by Level Ground Trading Ltd,
bought at 10,000 villages.

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michael lewis said...

aaah.... You still call me friend. (Even though you never replied to that last email I sent you!)

I would like to point out that I had drank a 600 ml Spitfire Joe from Cuppers.

I would provide links, but I can't, because it's a local green bean fair trade small batch roaster in Lethbridge, with a huge following, but a shoddy web site that was sorely out of date, and apparently has finally been taken down. Unlike other coffee places, Cuppers spends their efforts on the coffee, not so much on the web site.