Friday, September 22, 2006

is this real?

I have no idea if this guy is for real...
...if he is, he is incredible

UPDATE via Chris Elrod
Apparently, funtwo is a South Korean student and guitar player that attends college in New Zealand. Last year a friend shot a blurry video of him playing a shredding version of the classical piece "Cannon" on guitar. The video has been floating around YouTube for several weeks, having been watched by millions of drooling guitar-god-wannabe's. There's been a slight mystery about the guitarist because his face cannot be seen on the video and no one has stepped up - until this week - claiming to be funtwo. Also, the guy - while hiting a few bads notes - is AWESOME for an amateur!!!

The really sad part . . . the kid has no aspirations to be a professional musician. He's studying to be a designer of some sort.


michael lewis said...

If it's not real, he's really good at finger syncing. (Lip sync for guitar playing?)

But how is he playing the drums at the same time?

pastor mike said...

i assume he has drum machine / track running in the background