Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Toronto might get an NHL team

The Toronto Star is reporting that Toronto is going to go after an NFL team.

However, a reported on a Toronto area radio station reported it as Toronto going after an NHL team, before quickly correcting their statement.
Although, based on Toronto's hockey history (since 1967)... maybe they should be going after an NHL team.
Larry and Ted's NFL deal
Leafs' Tanenbaum and Jays' Rogers chase a National Football League team for Toronto
Sep. 6, 2006. 01:00 AM

The men who own the Leafs and the Blue Jays have finally publicly admitted they want to work together to bring a National Football League team to Toronto.

"I'm highly interested in an NFL team and Ted is too," Larry Tanenbaum, chairman of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, said yesterday. "We hope to pursue it more rigorously as soon as the NFL gives us the word." Ted is Ted Rogers, owner of the Jays.

The NFL has 32 teams and, if Toronto were to get one, it would likely be through a team relocating, rather than the league expanding. There has been speculation the Buffalo Bills could move if there is an ownership change, or the New Orleans Saints could move.

Tanenbaum, a co-owner of the Leafs, and Rogers were together at a news conference to announce Rogers Communications had bought the right to supply telecommunications services to MLSE when officials from both companies mentioned the corporations would embark on more "joint ventures."

There have been rumours the two sports empires might work together to get an NFL franchise, but yesterday was the first time they openly admitted it.

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