Monday, September 04, 2006

Understanding Lostness

Richard Pool has a post on John Kramp's Out of Their Faces and Into Their Shoes: How to Understand Spiritually Lost People and Give Them Directions to God . Kamp develops what he calls his Laws of Lostology. Pool says there are 24 of them, but it doesn't talk about them all.

Kemp begins with this comment:
If Christians really understood the spiritually lost people around them, they would talk about their faith more naturally. Evangelism would be more of a conversation and less of a high-pressure sales pitch. (p1)
Pool makes a comment on each of the Laws of Lostness, I'll simply list them here.

Law #1: Being lost can be fun
Law #2: No one gets lost on purpose
Law #3: It’s easy to get lost

Law #5: You cannot force people to admit that they are lost

Law #8: Just because you are lost doesn’t mean you are stupid
Law #9: It’s tough to trust a stranger

Law #11: Directions are always confusing

Law #13: A search reveals your values
Law #14: Searches are always costly
Law #15: Love pays whatever the search costs

Law #17: A search is always lost-centred not searcher-centred
Law #18: A search is urgent because the lost are in danger

Law #23: If you are searching, the lost may find you

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