Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chopped hot-rod VW bus with gullwing doors

boing boing has a post about a chopped hot-rod VW bus with gullwing doors

It's up for sale on e-Bay
1964 Chopped hot-rod VW bus with gullwing doors
Current price is: US $1,076.52
End time is: Oct-08-06 19:57:50 PDT (5 days 2 hours)

The notice says there is only one of these... really!

If you want something original, this is a


This bus was profesionaly shortened back in the 70's....this bus has been reported to have won many shows all along the East Coast circut after it was chopped and converted. I have some fotos of the old interior to jog some of you ole VW heads memory that I can email if interested.

This bus was onn the cover, in a show in the old Madison Square Garden back in the crazy days of super customized bugs and busses. In the original version, it had a faux fireplace, refrigerator, mirrored celing and the works! Sadly the old school shag carpet had seen its day, so.....

Everything has been removed and readied for a new conversion. Interior is clean and rust free. All the floors were resealed and fiber glassed to ensure a fresh start. The dash is complete and un-cut. The octigon sterring wheel is still intact and ready for restoration. There is a pair of button down, diamond tuct leather front seats to get started with. Turn signals and door handels have been shaved.


michael lewis said...

By the size of those chairs, I'm guessing it's a two-seater. Perfect for you!!! Now that it's just you and the wife!

Also note: does not include engine!

Why didn't I go into automechanics? I would love to create stuff such as this!

michael lewis said...

No engine....but it has air conditiong!!