Saturday, October 07, 2006

Enterprise sells for 1/2 million dollars

There are some people with too much money.

boing boing let us know that a 78" model of the Starship Enterprise has sold for 1/2 million dollars.
A 78-inch-long model of the Starship Enterprise-D, featured in the title sequence of Star Trek: The Next Generation and used in other episodes, sold for $576,000 today at Christie's "40 Years of Star Trek" auction. The estimate on it was $25,000 - $35,000. From the Associated Press:
Other top sellers on Saturday's action included a replica of Capt. James T. Kirk's command chair from the bridge of the Enterprise-A on the original "Star Trek" series.

The painted wood chair was only a re-creation for a 1996 episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" that mixed action from that newer series with old footage, but it still sold for $62,400.

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