Saturday, October 28, 2006


EPIC: an online future history of the media by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson. At one level it is a science fiction look at how Google would advance the Web into a continuous global grid of content and connectivity. [It's about 8min long.]

EPIC 2014 is the original flash online movie made by Robin Sloan for the Museum of Media History. Set in 2014 it charts the history of the Internet, the evolving mediascape and the way news and newspapers were affected by the growth in online news. It coined the word "Googlezon" from a future merger of Google and Amazon to form the Google grid, and speaks of news wars with the Times becoming a print only paper for the elite culminating in EPIC Evolving Personalised Information Construct

After I saw the above flash presentation, I found this updated vision: EPIC 2015. Here's a partial transcript.

It sounds like a possible next chapter of Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death.

It's an interesting history and projection, but we need to remember that there have been very few 100%-Replacing-Technology events.
Last night, we were watching TV: numb3rs; I had my laptop on, with my browser open to MLB watching the ball game, while glancing at Christianity Today.

The flash video is a possible scenario for the future, and it will enrich? / change peoples life but will not exchange traditions. The experience of reading a newspaper in a cofee shop is unlikely to disappear.

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