Tuesday, October 03, 2006

one reality

Dietrich Bonhoeffer,reminds us that Christ is the Lord of the whole world, not just the church. God, by his Spirit is at work in the whole world, not just the church. We often fail to recognize this, and in failing to see this, we
(a) fail to see that God is very active in the lives of people around us; and,
(b) place an artificial/false limit on what God is doing and wants to do.
There are not two realities, but one reality, and that is the reality of God, which has become manifest in Christ in the reality of the world.... The world is not divided between Christ and the devil, but, whether it recognizes it or not, it is solely and entirely the world of Christ.... Any static delimitation of a region which belongs to the devil and a region which belongs to Christ is a denial of the reality of God's having reconciled the world with Himself in Christ.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ethics, trans. Neville Horton Smith.

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