Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sleeping Dogs Cast & Crew Screening

Sleeping Dogs - the film my daughter worked on had it's Waterloo premier tonight
Canada 2006, 80 minutes. Directed by Terrance Odette.

Terrance Odette and complete cast will be in attendance. The only 50 public tickets available will be given to Princess Twin Newsletter recipients!! ___ This lean, low-budget, suburban road-trip follows blind, ornery, diabetic, middle-aged Mr. Gloss (Brian Stillar), who "escapes" from a care facility to rescue his flea-bitten dog from being euthanized at the local pound. In close pursuit is orderly Thomas (Tony Adah), disconnected from his own family, who has no choice but to join the quest once he finds his charge. With sparse dialogue, Odette builds toward a moment of connection through small gestures and darkly funny situations. A fantastic soundtrack of old-time country tunes adds to the pathos. - THE GLOBE and MAIL.

It showed at the Princess Twin. No word yet on when there will be more showings.

Sleeping Dogs site

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