Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Unite! We have a mission!

Everyday Chaplain blogs:
I just finished reading another blog post written by a christian, slamming another christian. What happened to love? These “discernment” ministries are often excuses for a good witch hunt. Where is the love?!

By this we know if you are a Christian: that you love your brother. ( I have never heard of loving emails exchanged over a difference & fruitful discussion following. Why is that?

If only Christians were really working for the Kingdom, then they would put little differences aside! If only they would live radical lives, under one purpose! We do have a mission, all of us, and a purpose. If only we would really live it out.

Together, under the opposition it would raise, we would unite. I’m not talking about comprimise, I’m talking about putting small issues aside to focus on the big ones: loving God, living a holy life, and saving souls from hell. If only Christians would work tirelessly for that. Imagine the change...

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