Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Feet

We wen to see Happy Feet last night. We felt like seeing something fun. There were lots of families in the theatre for this musical / environmental / "be who you" are film. Although, if I brought a public school age kid with me I wouldn't be thrilled with some of the song selections:
  • Prince "You don't have to be rich to turn me on/I just need your body, baby/From dusk till dawn"; or,
  • the un-kid-friendly Salt 'n' Pepa’s inappropriate “Let’s talk about sex, baby.”
But mostly, the music fits the movie. The animation is great. Probably the best CGI I've seen of water.

After seeing the film, I started reading some reviews. There are some paranoid people out there. People "freaking out" over what they see as
  • stereotypes
  • an animated "inconvenient truth" environmental message
  • anti-religion / christian / church
People get over it.
  • Unless we are going to invent accents and languages, there will be stereotypes.
  • There's nothing wrong with some environmental awareness in a film of this type. It's not something dark and ugly... something we should keep our kids from... it's reality... let's address it.
  • & yes, religion / christianity / the church has said too many times, the equivalent of "that's un-penguin".
If you want a fun movie... ignore some of the critics... don't take young kids... and get up and dance!
As the credits role... hundreds of names... there are penquins dancing at the bottom of the screen... all to the same tune... all in their own style.
It seems to me, that unity has more to do with the tune than with the style.

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