Monday, November 13, 2006

Karl Barth links

Michael Spencer - the internet monk - has a post listing a number of important Karl Barth links. Barth was one of the important theologians of the last century.
To start here's the wikipedia article on Karl Barth. Go here to set a summary of his life and work. Barth is not always easy reading. And I don't always agree with him. But at the same time, he will always be remembered for his comment in response to the the question:
What was the most important thing he had learned in all his reading & studying?
Barth thought for a moment and then said:
Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.
Must Read: Kim Fabricius: Ten Propositions on Karl Barth: Theologian.

Coming Soon: Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology: Convergences and Differences edited by Sung Wook Chung. Contributors include Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Alister E. McGrath, Timothy George, Gabriel Fackre, Stanley Grenz, and Henri Blocher.

Time Magazine’s 1962 cover-story on Karl Barth’s theology.

John MacDowell’s collection of Karl Barth papers, articles and lectures. Includes an excellent outline of Barth’s view of “listening” to Scripture.

Barth Books on a budget (Kim Frabicius again.)

Stanley Hauerwas on Barth’s Theology in outline (with an interesting comment from Barth on non-Christians listening in.)

John Howard Yoder on Barth as a “Witness to Post-Christendom.”

Barth outed as a heretic by Apprising Ministries, which pretty much settles all questions.


Ken Silva said...

Hello Pastor Mike,

Greetings from the States. Please know I ask this sincerely, forgive my ignorance but what denomination is Trinity EMC?

For the record you say: "Barth was one of the important theologians of the last century." We are agreed here.

Barth's work is a big influence on Brian McLaren in particular and within the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church itself. Particularly Barth's view of Scripture on youngbloods like Rob Bell.

And as far as the "heretic" label, I will remind you that I quote the late Dr. Walter Martin's assessment of Barth's heretical denial of verbal plenary inspiration of Scripture in favor of Barth's existential approach to the text of the Bible.

Just wanted to make sure the questions were "answered" correctly is all. :-)

pastor mike said...

Thanks for dropping by.

EMC is the shorthand for Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada. It's sister denominations stateside are The Missionary Church and the Evangelical Church. Those 2 churches became separate Canadian entities several years ago, and then about 10 years ago the 2 merged here in Canada.

Ken Silva said...

No problem Mike,

Thank you for filling me in as I hadn't known that.

Always have a soft spot in my my heart as my late mom was from Sydney, Nova Scotia. :-)