Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The right kind of worship

ben sternke describes worship:
True worship will always lead naturally and organically to incarnational mission (i.e. mission that is done in the context of normal life as opposed to special "outreach" events). If the worship we engage in does not set our lives along that path, we are not worshiping in spirit and truth.

True worship is always kind of like a strong coffee or a robust red wine: the flavors are deep and complex, and often the taste shocks our senses when we first encounter it. Often we're not even sure we like it at first because we're so used to sugary colas and juices. True worship often shocks the senses and tends to offend, but it is well worth having, because of the phenomenal results.

John Piper has written:
Missions exists because worship doesn't.
Worship leads us into the heart of God.
And God's heart is for us to be salt and light, permeating this world; letting his Spirit in us speak and minister the life of God's Kingdom.

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