Wednesday, November 29, 2006

working hands

I have never quoted Jay-Z before... but hey, I'm eclectic. I came across this interesting reference to Jay-Z on untamed visions.
Jay-Z makes an interesting point in his new album "Kingdom Come." On one of his tracks he voices his own flawed response to Hurricane Katrina: "Sure I ponied up a mil/ But I didn't give my time/ So, in reality, I didn't give a dime/ Or a damn/ I just put my money in the hands/ Of the same people who left my people stranded."

It's a good point. Sometimes it a lot easier to simply give money. Now there are a lot of organizations [and what are these organizations except facilitators to enable ministry to take place] that do a lot of good - so give to them. But it takes more than money to really minister to people.

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