Thursday, November 16, 2006

WTO - World Toilet Organization

This is not a humorous play on words... but a very serious organization, about a serious issue in our world. We take clean water and sanitation for granted here in Canada, but it is so crucial for so much of the world.

UPDATE: CBC reports that the boil-water advisory for the Greater Vancouver Regional District has now been lifted, except for North Vancouver and Burnaby... so much for taking our clean water for granted. A major storm, messed up the water system. Think of what happens in many places around the world where they lack the resources to track and correct these things.

The WTO is a non-profit organization, established in Singapore in 2001. The organization communicates the need for better toilet standards in both the developed and developing economies of the world and provides a service platform for all toilet associations, related organizations and committed individuals to facilitate an exchange of ideas relating to health and cultural issues.

A related site is the world toilet expo.

And of course every organization has it's special day, so November 19 is world toilet day.

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