Wednesday, January 03, 2007

recently watched movies

Over the last few weeks, we've watched a number of movies

! went to see The Nativity Story: see below.

We saw Little Miss Sunshine on video. It has got great rating & press. It is a great satire about a dysfunctional family obsessed with winning, the cast is right on and it's funny. But I wouldn't put it up there with a must-see film.

Janice & Nadine went to see The Queen, while I watched The History Boys @ the Princess Twin.
  • Janice & Nadine gave The Queen, 4 thumbs up: Helen Mirren was great.
  • The History Boys is the film adaptation of the stage play by the same name. That's doesn't always work. But it does here. There is wonderful humour, great dynamics between different approaches to education and learning, excellent characters. Some will not like the language.
Then over the last three days we watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy. We had seen all 3 on the big screen, and had watched the first 2 on VHS. Janice got the dvd's for Christmas... so we had a Ring Fest.


michael lewis said...

I'm going to have to disagree on Little Miss Sunshine.

This is definitely a "must-see" from 2006.

I mean, what else was there?

pastor mike said...

why is Little Miss Sunshine a "must-see"? It was good, not I would't put it in that category. Why would you?