Monday, January 08, 2007

sundays in the last month

It's been an interesting last few weeks since we left Trinity EMC. I'll not name names to protect the innocent.
  • The 1st week we went to a church in Toronto to hear the Toronto Mass Choir - great choir [go hear them if you get an opportunity], they ended with a "mash-up" of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus [their word]. But because of so-called "time constaints", there was no worship singing, except for a song the choir invited us to join in.

  • 2nd week, a large church here in Waterloo. Good worship team, good message, a promo piece of an inner city (Toronto) church plant they are involved with. No one talked with us.

  • 3rd week [Christmas Eve day] - 2 churches
    in the AM - a fairly new church plant, meeting in a school, casual, comfortable, welcoming, warm, positive
    Christmas Eve - an older church, a low key, somewhat draggy service [even through they were using advent candles they had lit the Christ candle in the AM, because not everyone would be out in the evening]

  • 4th week [New Years Eve day]
    an interesting church... mostly older people... the platform loaded with poinsettias... pastor at the keyboard, wife on the organ, singers in a row... mostly older worship songs... and yet it was welcoming, warm, no sense of rushing worship, we were drawn into what was happening.

  • yesterday: we went nowhere as we were driving one of sons back to Peterborough... & I didn't feel the least bit guilty about not "going to" or "being in" church.
The coming weeks... not sure yet... any one in southern ontario with suggestions?


michael lewis said...

2nd week, I'm not surprised at all. I avoid church because of this continued trend. I don't blame anyone, nor am I embittered; I've merely accepted the fact that being somewhat of a theological liberal who is 32 and single with no ex-spouses or life partners and no children really has no place in most churches. Why force a square peg through a round hole, or whatever the appropriate cliché?

yesterday, is it guilt or shame? I have just read in a book on neuroscience and religion that guilt is the feeling associated with a moral wrong or transgression, in which the guilty one is more concerned with how this act will affect others and the relationships with those people. Whereas, shame is the personal reflection of the act, in which the concern for others is mostly absent.

For example: I have a sense of domestic shame for not cleaning the bathroom regularly, or doing the dishes every day. However, it would be very difficult for me to feel guilty for neglecting these mundane tasks because I am not in a relationship with another person who would be affected by my decisions and subsequent actions.

So, no chance of moving to Alberta, eh?

In Christ Alone said...

Interesting reasoning from the theological liberal 32 year old single guy....I am probably the direct opposite of everything mentioned and still have difficulty finding a place in most churches. To my credit...not 64 but 49 years invested in this life. :)
Pastor Mike....come on down to the next walkingchurch....speaking for the gang, am I breaking a church rule RoG?) we would love to have you and welcome you with open arms. is just crazy!
Because of Him,

Walking Church said...

No condemnation from this camp...

We are the 'church' - we are the living stones where-ever 24-7.

Going to the 'temple' on a given day is Old Testament thinking. We are under a new covenant - or so I have it on good authority everytime I have communion cup!

You are always welcome at walkingchurch (, someone might even talk to you, or ask you to pray, or ask if you have a word for the body, or ask you to disperse or pray over communion.

I know I am preaching to the choir on this one - but I am doing my best not to keep this a secret!!!

We will try not to weird you out! LOL.