Friday, February 16, 2007


balance can be a good thing
  • it's what keeps me upright when walking or running
  • it's what keeps me safely ladder when mudding the basement ceiling
  • it's what i try to do when i bring the grocery bags in
but balance, as it is often used in church, is something else
  • we have to have balance - "don't rock the boat"
  • we have to have balance - "don't do anything that will upset '_____'"
  • we have to have balance - "let's use a pulpit some of the time"
  • we have to have balance - "it's ok to let the Holy Spirit move, but only so much... we don't want to offend"
the list can go on...

i came across this quote this morning by J.I. Paker
"balance... that dreadful self-conscious word"
quoted in No Well-Worn Paths by Terry Virgo, 2001

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