Wednesday, February 14, 2007

church on the move

This is a song about a church being moved hundreds of miles across the US on the back of a very big lorry. Features the 40 strong Manning Chorus in what is possibly one of the most bizzare bits of TV I've ever been involved in - a musical number at the end of a show about, basically, feats of engineering skill. Some of the footage is amost Fellini-esque. It's taken from the upcoming series MONSTER MOVES which airs on Five (UK) and National Geographic (USA) from early 2007. For more info on the show visit, or the music
The YouTube description is a little off... the church was moved 12 miles.

Here are some more detail from the Windfall Films site:
Trinity Lutheran Church, topped with a 100ft steeple, was set to embark on an epic twelve-mile journey. Over the years, its congregation had dwindled from 250 to just 13. So the parishioners had raised the funds to move it to a town with more worshippers. With a truck on the front and sixty wheels underneath, ‘house mover’ Ron Holland boasted that the church could reach a top speed of 10mph. Filming its journey would be one almighty steeplechase.

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Anonymous said...

Big Deal.

Much a do about nothing!

I would be more impressed if they brought the cemetery with them!

signed, the chairman for the very Bored of Buildings. RoG

pastor mike said...

It was not about moving the church, but about neat film about moving a large building

Anonymous said...

You mean...moving a building that houses Christians....I suspect a few believers were stubbornly glued to 'their' pews for the ride

I am more impressed when they move the shuttle or if they moved the Crysal Cathedral- sorry, but roaring...with laughter RoG