Monday, February 05, 2007

His Journey Our Journey

For several years, Ridley Hall - Cambridge [the Anglican theological college in Cambridge] has published a book of meditations for Lent [the 48 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day].

This year’s book entitled His Journey Our Journey focuses on the gospel of Luke and follows Jesus’ journey from when he starts out towards Jerusalem and climaxes with the events of his death and resurrection.

The format is a Bible reading for the day and a reflection on the day's passage by one of the current staff and students at Ridley. This year's reflections are based the classic theme of discipleship - what are the costs, the challenges, the joys and the trials of following in Christ's footsteps all the way to the cross?

I got my copy from David Green, who offered it in return for a review. Thanks David.

I haven't read it all in detail yet - I'm saving that for Lent. But I have read enough of the book to say, if you are looking for a good little devotional / reflection book for Lent... this is worth it. Many evangelicals on this side of the pond neglect the benefit that come from using the lenten days to reflect intentionally on the cross and the amazing wonder of our salvation and who we are in Christ because of the cross.

Unlike some devotionals, the readings bring an honest personal reflection on the cross and discipleship. They are not simply "nice stories" but signs of Jesus' work in and through his people. It's not a "how to" book, it's not a "pump you up" book, but it is a book that helps us to see Jesus a little clearer.

The beginning of the book, gives some guidelines for those who are new to spiritual reflection or simply need a little reminder:
  • Each day during Lent, set aside some time in a quiet place...
  • Do whatever helps you relax - sit somewhere quiet, make a drik, take some deep breaths.
  • Pray for God's guidance before you read...
  • Read the Bible passage for the day, and think about what it might be saying.
  • Then read the reflection for the day, slowly, and pause for thought as you go. How does it relate to the Bible passage? Is there anything in the reflection which is similar to or different from anything you have experienced or thought before?
  • When you have read and reflected, pray about what you have read and ask God if he might be speaking to you through it...
Let me end, with the final prayer of the book:
Easter Sunday
Father God, on this glorious day, give us opportunities to tell the story of the risen Christ to your world.

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