Monday, February 19, 2007


For some of you, Lent is familiar territory. But my Protestant upbringing made little room for the Church calendar. In church's I've been part of, the season of Advent and holy week have been the only points of connection with the church year. In some churches, mother's day and father's day are more significant than Pentecost.

The tradition of Lent is rooted deep in the history of the Church. Here is a background explanation from Justo Gonzales:

"Part of what took place at Easter was the baptism of new converts, and the renewal of the vows of baptism by those who were already Christian. In preparation for these events, there was a time of fasting and penance. This is the origins of our present-day Lent."
I am not suggesting that we give up something for Lent so that we become more spiritual or godly. But that we use this season to enter in the practice of spiritual disciplines and focus again [because I know I need the reminders of what was accomplished]. I'm going to be using readings in Luke's Gospel, taken from His Journey Our Journey to guide my reflections.

So, if you, like me, have little background in, or experience with Lent, let me encourage you to spend reading and reflecting afresh.

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