Monday, February 19, 2007


I found this on the Missional Community site. I'm not sure how I got there, so sorry for not giving someone credit for pointing me to this site.

You know you're on the road to missional if you are...

...investigating the needs in your community (not just your church).

...investing in meeting the needs in your community (not just your church)

...celebrating church members who serve in the community, not just those who serve in the church.

...increasing your church resources to the community (time, money, facilities)

...adopting schools in your community.

...prayer partnering with community servants (school workers, social workers, government leaders, police and fire departments).

...launching ministry projects that are community-targeted.

...incorporating the community calendar into your church calendar.

...expecting each small group in your church to be engaged in some ongoing community ministry.

...expecting church staff members to spend a portion of their work week in the community.

...building relationships with community leaders. people to be missionaries in their neighborhoods, businesses, schools, etc.

...engaging in prayer-walking your community.

...offering life coaching for participants (intentionally, routinely asking participants about their personal spiritual development).

...offering personal development educational opportunities to the community, in the community (marriage, parenting, financial planning, physical fitness, etc.).

...encouraging community organizations to use your church facilities.

...building church buildings in order to serve the facilities needs of the community.


Missional Jerry said...

great blog

Anonymous said...

here lies the pathetic reality... i would love to be able to use a 'church' building for 3 hours a week in Belmont for song, praise and worship (prayer meeting).

I know of three denominations here. I would not dare ask any one of them for such...because I do not conform to their doctrine. Which is probably a whole lot more Christ centered than most.

I am further ahead to seek a business that would rent me space...with unconditional terms

Sad reality on Christianity.

RoG of walkingchurch fame.

pastor mike said...

stay away from "church buildings" unless you are building an attractional service. if we are to be missional, our lives are to be attractional, but our focus is going to where people are at, & then bringing them to a place where they would be comfortable with.

Does the arena have a room?

pastor mike said...

thanks Jerry