Monday, February 19, 2007

that's not real

Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor at has a post entitled that's not real. He writes:
There’s a HUGE difference between these two phrases:
  • “That’s not real…”
  • “I don’t understand…”
People in the church world occasionally confuse the two.
Whenever God does something new, many people often say, “It’s not real…”
  • “That’s not real worship.”
  • “They aren’t real Christians.”
  • “That’s not real community.”
  • “That’s not a real outreach.”
  • “He’s not a real pastor.”
  • “What they’re doing is stupid. That’s not real ministry.”

In the church world, too many Christians prematurely write off new ways of doing ministry with the phrase: “That’s not real…” Instead, maybe we should admit it’s something we don’t understand.

You see it's safe to say something is not real, that it's not valid, that it's not right... because than I can safely ignore it. But if I take the small step and say "It's something I don't understand" then, I move to a place of listening and dialogue and being open to the new.

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