Thursday, February 01, 2007


I love this photo

(From left, Kevin B. Rollins of Dell, Sean Maloney of Intel, Steven A. Ballmer of Microsoft, Hisatsugu Nonaka of Toshiba, Hector Ruiz of Advanced Micro Devices and Todd Bradley of Hewlett-Packard at Vista’s kick-off event.)

The launch of Vista is just so exciting!
Like the graphic says... WOW!
These guys sure are passionate!

via Mary Schmidt


michael lewis said...


Come on!

Mac OS X has had this operating system (though far superior) for 6 years already!

And MS didn't even make anything new, they just copied everything again.

pastor mike said...

The WOW was meant to sarcastic.
The guys in the photo look like they just ate something really sour... or maybe like a lot of people in church on Sunday AM.

From what I've read there is little that is new in Vista.
& Microsoft's pricing structure and multiple versions is just plain crazy. I for one, have no plans to move to Vista... when I move away from XP it will be to an open source operating system.

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