Monday, March 26, 2007

baptists... emerging...

the baptists have their assembly in Toronto in a couple of months. Len Sweet is the theme speaker - around the theme of T3 - Transforming Leaders... Transforming Churches... Transforming Communities. But not all baptists are happy about that.

We were at a baptist church on Sunday. We were looking after a couple of our nephews & so we went to the church they go to. We took them in time for Sunday School and then headed to their adult class [looking lost didn't result in any information, we had to ask someone if there as a class]. No one spoke to us as we came in & then after a hearty introduction to the speaker that morning, who had been doing a 6 week class on the emerging church, we discovered within a few minutes that Len Sweet, Brian McLaren, Steve Chalke & others were heretical. I think Janice's jaw hit the floor. I'm glad there was no Q&A... I'm sure I would have been banned from the church. It was sad. He actually had people laughing at some of the things he said some emerging church authors believed. He had pages of notes printed off where he would read quotes from [some, I know, were out of context - having read the original].

The bottom line for the person leading was that these emerging church people do not hold to "THE penal substitution" model of the atonement. This guy was strongly reformed. He emphasised that you needed to hold to the reformed position several times. Then he went on to talk about the buzz words they use, including, missional. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or get angry... so I simply ended up praying, "Lord, help these people to dig for truth themselves."

In case anyone is wondering, there are aspects to the penal substitutional model that are rooted in biblical truth, however, the penal substitutional model is just that - a model. It alone, does not explain the full dimensions of the atonement.

As an aside. We were there because Janice's brother & his wife were leading worship at this churches Alpha retreat. But there was not one mention of the fact that it was on, either in the bulletin or in the service.


Anonymous said...

Yes and I hear they also still burn witches, books and people who think for themselves.

What were you thinkin bros?

Come to the woods and join the band of merry men (and women). We might be emerging out of the forest soon!!! If we could only see the forest from within the hoard of trees.

roaring RoG...scripture did say the dead in Christ will rise first - I think they were talking about 'some ' Baptists (I don't want to bash em all - there are some deep bros in Christ implanted within as well),

Scott said...

C'mon Mike. Tell us how you really feel about the Baptists.

pastor mike said...

Scott... not all baptists... but some...