Thursday, March 15, 2007


The ULTIMATE Facebook Song from Rhett and Link

Michael: did you notice that the laptops are apple... does that make it OK for the quasi-mennonite in the clip?


Anonymous said...

my legalistic pals tell me that it is okay if the mac is painted black and the chrome is has to run strictly on battery power not being on the electrical grid. You may not power up on Sunday. Also it is okay to 'google' but not to 'oogle' most sites.

Tobias RoG Martin

michael lewis said...

Who are those guys?

That's hilarious!

And bonus points for the PowerBook / MacBook.

And it's "ogle", not oogle; oogle isn't a word...yet.

There are hand cranks available for generating electricity. Some Hutterite colonies own wind turbines and generate their own power.