Sunday, March 04, 2007

preaching grace

From an interview with Robert Farrar Capon on Christian Odyssey
TB: Some people say that if you preach grace a lot, people will get the idea that they can go ahead and sin all they want and still be saved. What would you say about that?

RC: First of all, I would say they’re perfectly free to sin all they want whether you give them permission or not.

Isn't this so true?
Too often I have had people say... if you preach grace too much, it just gives people permission to sin. Grace has nothing to do with giving people permission to sin... it has everything to do with knowing the God who forgives... & living in that reality.


michael lewis said...

If you have read or studied the "mission statement" or "philosophy of belief" of most churches, then you'll realise that just about anything can be construed as "sin"; perhaps aside from breathing.

But then, breathing is selfish, merely done to further oneself, so it must be sinful too.

Grrr. I'm just too tired to talk about this one.

pastor mike said...

That sort of "rules & regulations" approach is just so much ungrace. God's approach is different... while he desires and longs for holiness in us, holiness is defined by "rules & regulations"