Thursday, March 29, 2007

rowing the Indian Ocean

A co-worker of my brother-in-law - Glenn Edwards is currently rowing across the Indian Ocean. Glenn and John Williams are attempting to be the first duo to row across the Indian Ocean [6400 km]. The trip will take about 3 months.

They have challenged themselves to raise $64,000 for The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, "so children living with life threatening illnesses can live their dreams too."

Here are some sites of interest:
Official site with regular updates.
tracking map
The Ocean Rowing Society has a list of row currently underway. You can find Edwards & Williams about 1/2 way down the page. As I write this, they have been in the water almost 5 days.


Walking Church said...

Hope they take some black powder as I believe their are still Pie-rates in them thar warters. ARR nothing like a good keel hawl I sayzz...

pastor mike said...

I think they will be OK... they aren't taking any pie!

Walking Church said...

RRR those Pie Rates posted below for young Jamie Hawkins:

blueberry - $5.00 Cannuck
apple - $4.00 Cannuck
elderberry $0.05 Murr-ican
pie shapes...remember all are square as we all know: Pi R squared

remember too...everyday is talk like a Pie rate day.