Wednesday, March 14, 2007

spiritual gifts and missional / emerging church

Maybe I've been missing something...
...but, it seems to me, that there hasn't been a lot of discussion on spiritual gifts and the missional and/or emerging church.

There's a lot written on blogs and in books about doing and being the church, but I get this nagging sense that there is not a sense of dependance on God's Spirit. Over the last 4 months, I've been in a lot of churches, but I wouldn't say I've seen a lot of evidence that God's Spirit was active in people's midst [for that matter... I've not seen a lot of evidence of the Father's love]. There have been a couple of exceptions, but most have not been demonstartions of the Spirit's presence.

Oh, we give a nod of the head to the Spirit - after all we claim to be trinitarian in our theology... but are we trinitarian in our practice or are we really cessationists.
  • Can we claim to believe that the gifts that God gives to his church are for use today, if we don't practice them?
  • Are we really dependent upon God to lead us, or are we dependent on our plans and skills and resources?

What are you seeing & hearing?
Where are the places / churches where it is obvious that the whole range of spiritual gifts are in practice?


Missional Jerry said...

we need more gifts discussion in the missional conversation

pastor mike said...

how do see the gifts discussion going forward?