Saturday, March 03, 2007

When the Darkness Will Not Lift

Piper John Piper's newest book, When the Darkness Will Not Lift (audiobook).
is available online for free - PDF thanks to Desiring God.

Steve McCoy at Reformissionary
This is a very encouraging little book. Piper deals with the issues of melancholy, assurance/doubts, unconfessed sins, Satan, self-absorption, remedies, and dealing with other people who are in darkness (among other things). Oh, and Piper all talks a little about joy. :)

This book helped me realize where I'm struggling through a bit of darkness right now It's remedies are not simplistic and trite but rather practical and Gospel-centered. I will try to keep a few copies of this around to give away, and I think it will become one of the most recommended books for those I pastor. I highly recommend it whether you love Piper's writing (like me) or not.
It looks worth checking out

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