Tuesday, April 10, 2007

David Crowder Band video

I enjoy the David Crowder Band. You may want to check out their first ever official music video: Foreverandever Etc…,! I think it will put a grin on your face.


In Christ Alone said...

Sort of like your Easter Experience at KFC...or was it KCF :) Not that I meant you were squirrely, or anything. Laughing with you!
In Him,

michael lewis said...

Today's iTunes purchase was Corb Lund's "hair in my eyes like a highland steer". (You will note that iTunes lists this album as "alternative".)

Far be it from me to judge, but dismissing all country is very narrow minded.

Corb describes his music as "scruffy country©, ulterior country©, dissident country©, subversive country©, insubordinate country©, non-toxic country©, or post apocalyptic modern traditional western music with some hair on it©. Take your pick."

In Christ Alone said...

The Truck song sounded like fun. Couldn't resist a good ole "yee haw". :)
In Him,

mike said...

when does country music cease to be country music? how many adjectives does it need?

michael lewis said...

The answer to that will always be up for debate.

Last night, as I sat in a pub eating pizza with a friend, whilst enjoying Corb Lund (it was this final listening which drove me to iTunes), I decided that if faced with the question:

Q: I am stuck in a noisy room with pounding ______ music and drunk people trying to get it on.

The answer would be country. The thought of dance/hip hop aka KRAP, or even rock, just disgusts me. However, I could handle the whole situation much more gracefully if the music playing were country. Somehow, imbibing too much brew can only be excused when combined with a song worth drinking to.