Monday, April 16, 2007

moderns - post-moderns

blind beggar posts these distinctions between moderns & post-moderns - the list originally come from ben dubow here.
It is always good to be reminded of the difference in perspective.
  • Postmoderns generally want to belong before they believe.
  • Moderns generally believe before they belong.
  • Postmodern understanding of truth: “Does it work?”
  • Modern understanding of truth: “Does it add up?”
  • Postmodern metaphor for faith: Journey.
  • Modern metaphor for faith: Decision.
  • Postmodern idea of discipleship: Am I moving in the right direction?
  • Modern idea of discipleship: Am I learning the right information? Doing the right things?
  • Postmodern idea of fellowship: Community is the end.
  • Modern idea of fellowship: Community is a means to an end.
  • Postmodern idea of evangelism: Incarnational, ask questions.
  • Modern idea of evangelism: Propositional, presentational, answer questions.
Of course, these are generalizations, but they do express, in broad strokes, where our world seems to be moving.


michael lewis said...

I don't think I like either set.

Is there some other type somewhere in the middle?

mike said...

True... lists like this tend to paint things in clear / overly-consise / black & white terms. Certainly modernity tends to do this more, but a comparison with post-modernity can also tend to do this.
What would you suggest as a middle or alternative view?