Monday, April 02, 2007

Now this is my kind of Missional

John Lunt over at in the way has a post
Now This is my kind of Missional.
I just read some accounts from Healing on the streets that Mark, one of my blog friends in Scotland is involved in. Challenge your faith. Read this. A lady named Sue, who was healed, provides her testimony here. Another initiative that Mark is involved in is something called Street Pastors. I can't wait to see what that looks like.

I am struck by how a lot of us "missional" and "emerging" folks talk about the fullness of the redemption of God, that redemption isn't just about getting to heaven. We talk about "economic justice." Yet a very specific area of redemption that Jesus told us about and modeled fully, healing, we tend to skirt. It's time that we rise up and reclaim our faith in this area. It's not about what we can get the Government to do, it's about what we can believe God for.

A lot of people are strung out on drugs. Do we pursue the government for money for rehab programs or can we come to the point on believing Jesus that he will deliver them and heal them? What about alcoholism. What about sicknesses that leave people destitute after they've paid huge hospital bills?

This is a redemption issue. Jesus made it clear that this is an area his followers would operate in, yet because it requires steps of faith into the supernatural, we shy away from it. It's time to stop that. Our little church on the street isn't going to accomplish anything if we do it from our own resources. We have none, or next to none.

We need this reminder. God works in ways that are beyond our understanding and programming - even our missional focused programs! Thanks John for posting this.


Mark H said...

Thanks for the links Michael :-)

You may also want to check out Healing On The Streets in Coleraine, Ireland, who inspired us and helped us to get started.

John Lunt said...

Micheal,thanks for the link. Thanks Mark for demonstrating an area where God is still working.

mike said...

Mark / John
thanks for pointing us to these places where people are willing to step out and follow God.