Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The Word became flesh - and then through theologians - it became words again.
Karl Barth
Evangelicals believe that God spoke, God wrote a book, and then God stopped speaking.
Graham Cooke

one more quote today from Steve Taylor
... The church has killed the Christian gospel with words. Blah blah blah from pulpits every single Sunday. It's time we started truly following Jesus. It's time we embraced all the 5 senses that God gave us...
Steve Taylor

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michael lewis said...

A friend recently told me of some of the events leading to her ageing father's death.

One of the vignettes was of her husband going to speak to her father before his death about dying and eternity. Her husband's words were something like this (paraphrased):

You are a man of integrity: you don't cheat, lie, or steal, and you seek justice. But more than that, your whole life has been committed to loving others; and this can only be an extension of first loving God. You have followed Jesus' only two ideals.