Monday, April 23, 2007

religious films

The church times has just published a list of what it calls the top fifty religious films. Their definition of what constitutes a 'religious' film: included only films which make their mysticism explicit (perhaps a contradiction in terms).

Here's the list: church times top 50 religious films. Here's a pdf version with short burbs on each film.

link via Gareth Higgins

1 The Mission
2 The Gospel According to St Matthew
3 It’s a Wonderful Life
4 The Last Temptation of Christ
5 On the Waterfront
6 Babette’s Feast
7 Gandhi
8 The Apostle
9 The Passion of the Christ
10 The Crucible
11 A Man for All Seasons
12 Priest
13 Ben Hur
14 Chariots of Fire
15 Jesus of Montreal
16 Witness
17 The Sound of Music
18 Spartacus
19 The Name of the Rose
20 A Christmas Carol
21 The Cross and the Switchblade
22 Signs
23 Field of Dreams
24 The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
25 The Exorcist
26 Afterlife
27 The Greatest Story Ever Told
28 The Prince of Egypt
29 A Matter of Life and Death
30 Intolerance
31 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
32 The Seventh Seal
33 The Ten Commandments
34 Jesus Christ Superstar
35 Wings of Desire
36 Ikiru
37 Whistle Down the Wind
38 Scrooged
39 Au Hasard, Balthazar
40 King of Kings
41 Brother Sun, Sister Moon
42 The Prodigal
43 Samson and Delilah
44 Nazarin
45 The Sacrifice
46 Wise Blood
47 The Robe
48 The Passion of Joan of Arc
49 Into Great Silence
50 The Bishop’s Wife

Anyone see all or most of these. I've seen half of them.

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