Tuesday, April 03, 2007

rowing the Indian Ocean

Here are some photos of Glenn Edwards and John Williams and their Woodvale Pairs Class boat - formally know as 'Atlantic Warrior'

Rowed To Date:
435 Miles (701 km) (378 nautical miles)
Distance From West coast of Australia:
343 Miles (553 km) (298 nautical miles)

... quite windy with the winds pushing them north. The swells are anywhere from 20-40 ft and Glenn says the boat handles the water very well....

They are waiting for west winds to take advantage of the currents. The highlight of the trip so far is that they saw a pod of about 50 whales! Apparently the whales were swimming around and under the boat and Glenn said they were standing vertically to have a look at the them....

where they are now [tracking map]


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