Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Burkina Faso hip hip

I didn't know such a thing existed (I'm not a big fan, so I'm not sure this is a good thing). Coudal Partners links to this collection from Africa & the first one on the page is this one from Burkina Faso.

13 Recordz présente Vrai 2 Vrai (1-2ground Prophecy)

Acee Ghetto Luv
Volcan C Urgent
Eddy featuring Serge B Woto (Zoasongo)
King Ade featuring El Primo Vas Leur Dire
SQN 1-10pensable
Shaaka featuring Malto Faya Pump
Aramiss featuring El Primo Vrai 2 Vrai
Ravayak featuring Golgo13 Laru
This is a hip-hop compilation from Burkina Faso. Looks like a label mixtape. It contains many bangers. The implications of a tape like this to someone who likes rap are mind-boggling. How many people even know where Burkina Faso is?? And these kids are rappig in French, English and local languages like this? And this is from back in 2004? Imagine what their shit sounds like now. Maybe globalization ain't all that bad....


In Christ Alone said...

Well, I know where Burkina Faso is and I continue to be surprised at the amount of creative arts available in this impoverished country... This country also holds the Pan-African Film Festival in the captital city of Ouagadougou (just a note of interest ..this capital city is spelled many different ways in the media :) )and is making news in many ways as of late....check out - and a dance troupe (who knew?),7340,L-3388531,00.html
if you are interested.

I connected with a pastor and his family and several missionaries back a few years ago and the country still holds a special place in my heart. The poverty, the violence, the health concerns... as with a lot of Africa tend to be forefront in our minds...the Arts? Always comes as a surprise. Sorry to ramble but you mentioned Burkina Faso....not I. :)

In Him,

michael lewis said...

You mean, some people actually do NOT know where Burkina Faso is?


Back in 1997, the late Dr. Smith took a team from my bible college to B.F. for several weeks in the summer. A few of that team were close friends of mine, and I have heard many many stories from them.

And being bilingual in Canadian English and québécois français likely will not help all that much; they speak french like Newfies speak English.

Stories from B.F. and other places such as this are immediately eye-opening and ultimately depressing. The poverty, the violence, the corruption, the inaction of the White House (aka: the world's savior), all of these things combined make for some very sad situations.

Thanks for remembering Burkina Faso.

mike said...

It is interesting how this little nation keeps popping up in sports [they have a decent foorball/soccer team] and the news.

Thanks to both of you for additional info.