Sunday, May 20, 2007

long weekend... summer

The long weekend in May... the May 24 weekend [even if the 24th is not part of the weekend] is traditionally the beginning of summer here in Canada.

It's also the weekend of Pitch & Praise - an amazing weekend for teens. [It has rained or snowed on just about every weekend since it's beginning in 1974]. Originally it was held at Stayner Camp but is now at Braeside Campin Paris.

Yesterday the Sears Fall & Winter catalog was delivered... come on people... let's enjoy summer before we think of snow once again.

To get us in the summer mode here are some amazing sandcastles from the annual competition at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort in the Fraser Valley of B.C.

O'Reilly Radar asks the question: Is your baseball team overpaid? [that's a winning basis not the ethics of playing baseball players millions of dollars]. He links to Ben Fry who has created a tool for visualizing the salary of Major League Baseball teams versus their performance in 2007 (prev. As he explains:
This sketch looks at all 30 Major League Baseball Teams and ranks them on the left according to their day-to-day standings. The lines connect each team to their 2007 salary, listed on the right....

A steep blue line means that the team is doing well for its money, which reflects well on the team's General Manager. A steep red line implies that the team is throwing away money. The thickness of the line is proportional to the team's salary relative to the others.