Monday, May 14, 2007


Here's an excerpt from the Rob Bell nooma film Rich:

Rob runs through the numbers most of us have heard so many times we have become numb to them:
  • approximately 1 billion people in the World do NOT have clean water
  • the same number of people live on less than $1 per day.
  • To provide basic food, water, health, etc for the WHOLE ENTIRE POPUALATION OF THE WORLD it would only take $20 billion dollars.
Then right at the end of the clip he makes this statement: "...this is how much the people in the US ALONE spend on ICE CREAM each year."

I know we as a family went mini-golfing on Friday night and then to Dairy Queen. The purpose isn't to guilt us into giving...
  • although guilt does work on some people :-)
  • but to motivate us to think about all our actions
I'm getting a little sick and tired of Christians...
  • who ignore environmenal issues;
  • who are not concerned for social justice in our world;
  • who fail to see sin as anything more than personal sin... ignoring systemic issues;
  • who will give to world relief issues but ignore the poor among us;
  • who do not wrestle with what it means to be Christians in a holistic sense.
This post maybe a bit of a rant... but isn't it about time we started living a little differently?


Anonymous said...

Great post. Christians CAN make a difference.

Scott & Laurie said...

Where to start. Sometimes it just seems so overwhelming....

I'm excited to see there appears to be a movement with Christians to have more of an impact in our world.

I hope we start to see a big difference soon.

mike said...

I think sometimes we fail to start because as Scott says "it just seems to overwhelming".
Start with little things.
Speak up.