Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Humphries Auto

My power steering on my Toyota Sienna has been making a little noise when it is cold. So, this AM, I went out to check the fluid. Surprize, the hood release wouldn't release. So on my way home from dropping Nathan off at work, I stopped in at Humphries Auto Service... just a few minutes from my home.

Steve came out and got the hood release working and then topped up the power steering fluid. And he didn't charge me anything. Talk about being customer centred.

Check them out:
Humphries Auto Service
521 Beaver Creek Rd
Waterloo ON, N2V 2L3

Phone: 519-886-6521

1 comment:

michael lewis said...

This truly is a miracle!!!

Not only were you NOT served with incompetence, you also were not charged for the competent service!