Saturday, June 02, 2007

Indian Ocean Rowing

Glenn Edwards and John Williams are still on course to become THE FIRST ROWING PAIR TO CROSS THE INDIAN OCEAN...

john_williamsglen_edwards Route: West coast of Australia - Mauritius
Departure Date: 12:45 GMT - 24th March 2007
Distance: 5880 km
Estimated Crossing Time: 3 months
Boat: Woodvale Pairs Class boat
- formally know as 'Atlantic Warrior' - weight 2000 pounds approximately

Row Started March 24rd 2007 at 12:45 GMT
Last Update: Jun 2nd 2007 (05:40) 20°17'21S Latitude 75°49'44E Longitude
Rowed To Date 3068 Miles (4937 km) (2666 nautical miles)
Distance From Start Point 2586 Miles (4163 km) (2247 nautical miles)
Distance To Mauritius 1183 Miles (1904 km) (1028 nautical miles)

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