Saturday, June 16, 2007


In the fashion of Scot McKnight's Weekly Meanderings and Brother Maynard's Random Acts of Linkage and a few others, I am going to put most [probably not all] of the random stuff I find during the week in one posting.
  • With a site name like oncoffee, I'll start with think geek's collection of caffeine related products.

  • google maps has recently increased it's resolution of satellite photos for parts of southern ontario,including Toronto and Waterloo Region. I can now see details around my house in Waterloo.

  • Some tips on writing skills from Scott Dilbert.

  • Iskur's Guide to electronic music is an audio map of all sorts of electronic music: including house, trance, backbeat and downtempo.

  • cliché finder for when you need just the right cliché.

  • A University of Leicester psychologist has produced the first ever "world map of happiness". Canada comes in #10. The first 9 are in order: Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, The Bahamas, Finland, Sweden, Bhutan, and Brunei.

  • A couple of clips from the British version of Idol - both of whom impress Simon.
    1/ 6 year old Connie

2/ A humble unassuming man named Paul Potts from Wales, a car phone salesman, with a surprizing voice.

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