Thursday, July 26, 2007

emergent church posters

There are groups who are very vocal in their opposition to anything that is linked to or uses the terminology of emerging or emergent. Some of their sites drive me crazy. In their longing to "defend the gospel" from the heresy of the emergent church they resort to painting (with a very big brush... or maybe it's a spray gun) anything & anyone that looks like it might be the slightest bit open to some of the emergent conversation as being in spiritual danger. I won't bother listing some of these sites... I save you the anguish of some their statements.

However, there are a series of posters floating around that apparently began with some of these sites. There is a large collection of them here. I think they originated with Phil Johnson - don't read him if you have high blood pressure!

The posters are high quality & creative. They have also spawned some posters in response. You can check them out here. Here's one from Phil's site, followed by one in response.

If you think those are wild, how about this article: Why al qaeda supports the emergent church?
The emergent church is an ally in the war against radical Islam–al Qaeda’s ally. Not in the sense they are supplying bullets and bombs to Osama, of course, but in the sense they are weakening our conviction to fight....

The term “emergent church” refers to a loose association of people who share common values and attitudes toward, well, everything. It’s Christianity for postmoderns who don’t like truth, knowledge, science, authority, doctrine, institutions, or religion. They claim absolute or objective truth is unknowable, that the only “truth” that can be known is rooted in communities of shared subjective experience–the infamous “it’s my truth” of relativism.

Now if we'd just let Bush have his way and bomb al qaeda and Iraq & Iran & a few other places... in than name of Jesus, of course... the world would be a better place!

The reductionist, let's label everybody mindset drives me crazy. Sure there is a lot of flaky stuff that goes by the name of emerging / emergent... but there is also a lot of pretty flake stuff in traditional / institutional churches of all labels.

Enjoy the posters... & don't have a cow.

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paul said...

yeah as christians we're a funny bunch - i liked grace's posters, they were a creative and alternative response - if truth be told i also liked the other set, in a chuckle yeah we in the emergent conversation can really sound like that sometimes, sorta way...