Monday, July 30, 2007

July 28

Keith Green died on July 28, 1982. It's hard to believe that he died 25 years ago. His music is still as powerful as when it was written. wikipedia. Steve Camp article.

Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival.
  • We spent Saturday and Sunday at Kew Gardens and Queen Street East. We didn't stay for much of Streetfest, but we did hear the Blackboard Blues Band and Dr Draw.
  • On the main stage we saw:
    Jayme Stone
    - we just caught the end of his set, but I heard some of his african - banjo fusion [it really does work] on CIUT radio on the way home Sunday pm;
    Son Arche - cuban/latin, including a member of the Buena Vista Social Club;
    David "Ziggy" Walcott
    - barbadian pan player;
    Carl Weathersby
    - Mississippi guitar blues; and,
    - 5 funky New Orleans trombones.
  • On Sunday we caught
    Treasa Levasseur
    - a great vocalist, singing ballads, blues, gospel style inspirationals, even a little rock; and,
    Bill King's Saturday Nite Fish Fry
    - who just got out there and had fun with music.
Our 28th Anniversary: This was the real purpose of hitting TO on the weekend. It was 28 years on the 28th of July that Janice & I shared our vows and began our life together. I love you Janice... even though she never reads blogs.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the milestone to both you and Janice. I just spun the odometer with my yoke mate of 25 years.


michael lewis said...

Well, even though Janice doesn't read blogs, at least all of your devoted fans will know.