Monday, July 09, 2007

live earth

Over the weekend the big buzz was "live earth" a 24-hour music marathon spanning seven continents to draw awareness to the need for climate change. I'm not sure of the benefit when artists were jetted all over the planet. On top of that, the whole idea of purchasing carbon credits seems to be a way for those with money to continue to live whatever lifestyle they choose and buy their way to guilt free living... sounds remarkably like the Roman Catholic church of indulgences - the (full or partial) remission of temporal punishment due to sins which have already been forgiven.

Our worship leader yesterday, reminded us that every sunday there is a the equivalent of live earth taking place as worship circles the globe. It's huge. It involves more people. But is ignored by the media.


Anonymous said...

Two comments:

1) Not much changes - the rich will always be of 'priviledge' in this temporal dimension.

2) It should be everyday, not just Sunday - but then again for me every day is the 'Lord's Day' ...giggle..

Found in Him and He in me - RoG

michael lewis said...

The only "buzz" was the sound of all those power generators burning coal or orphans or fusing nucleai together (or is it apart?).

Did they only power the concerts with "green" electricity? Can this be documented and guaranteed?