Saturday, July 14, 2007

random 8

This week's random links:
  • There are some who are convinced that one of the best comedic movies is The Princess Bride. There is a update on where the actors are 20 years later.

  • Here's a photo from the don't mess with the fire department category.

  • church video ideas has this spoof of Rob Bell and the Nooma films - I think Nooma is a great series... but this spoof is hilarious.

  • Beth Kanter points to a tool called TouchGraph. The site says:

    The TouchGraph Google Browser reveals the network of connectivity between websites, as reported by Google’s database of related sites.

    You enter a URL, it crunches a bit, and returns a node map with lines to sites that are “similar” according to Google.


Beth Kanter said...

I lot it was pretty cool!

mike said...

thanks for pointing it out