Sunday, July 15, 2007

random 9

  • Wayne Shih tells this delightful little story
    We were visiting a church last Sunday and the soloist sang "His Eye Is on the Sparrow."

    After the service, my one son (who wasn't familiar with the song) was baffled by what he heard. "I thought she was saying, 'I sin because I'm happy, I sin because I'm free.'"

    My other son: "Now, that's taking Christian liberty a little far."
  • Some more business cards on flickr. Thanks Jordon for the link.

  • This video stole the show at this years Buzz Film Festival - you could say it created quote a buzz, but that would be a bad pun... sorry. Link via Jeff Kapusta.

  • In digital interface design we usually try to take elements from the analog world and translate them into recognizable elements on a computer screen. Here is a clever video of someone doing the exact opposite:

  • Now this is playing tetris:

  • Since this list is totally random, I will include this video of country music meets hip-hop. I Play Chicken With The Train by Cowboy Troy (featuring Big & Rich). It is definitely random.... & weird. The link came from Rick Ianniello. Thank... I think...

  • To get even more random, how about a clip of Monty Python Lego Style - this is the scene where the French guard at the castle taunts Arthur . . .

  • lego meets fine art

  • NewYork Times article and graphic on the wealthies Americans: 1750 to the present.

  • Here is an interesting site that does not use mouse clicks for navigation: don't click it. It works surprizingly well.

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Mark Petersen said...

Thanks Mike for the God's Pies video which I've uploaded to my blog.