Saturday, July 14, 2007

rowing the Indian Ocean

The row is complete. John Williams finished the row alone on July 14 after Glenn Edwards had to leave the boat Warrior on June 22 for personal reasons - read his comments below.

After making the agonising decision to abort his journey across the Indian Ocean with partner John Williams, Glenn Edwards is now safely reunited with his family back in Canada.
‘After 8 days on the cargo ship Daio Andes and 3 days in South Africa I am safely home with my family.

I now owe an explanation as to why I had to end the row. I am not happy having to leave, especially being so close to completing a journey I set out to accomplish 2 years ago. It, however, was not the physical hardship that beat me, but my own brain. Approximately 2 weeks prior to being picked up I began to experience overwhelming episodes of anxiety. Thoughts of my family began to dominate all my waking moments and I began to feel an overpowering sense of isolation despite being in regular contact with them. I was not able to shake off the ensuing depression and helplessness which lead to insomnia and loss of appetite. This mental state of despair was crippling and I began to question my safety on board Warrior. The decision to leave did not come easily, I fought and wrestled with it for many days, however, despite trying to rationalize my situation I only became more confused and angry with it. I stand proud and admit that 90 days on the ocean in a 23 foot boat, exposed to the weather and sea began to effect me psychologically and I felt that I had to escape. John and I discussed the situation at length and we both felt leaving was the only option. I applaud John for his tenacity to continue and will be providing as much support as possible as he closes in on Mauritius.’

Here's the link to Glenn's site for all the details about the row.
woodvale challenge site

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