Sunday, August 05, 2007

cars & bikes in waterloo

Waterloo continues to have its share of good and bad drivers. Here's some observations from the last 2 days of biking.
  • cars driving in the bike lane... I was cycling along University between Fisher-Hallman and Westmount... a couple of cars used came across and used up 1/2 of the bike lane on a curve (& the bike lane is almost 2m wide)
  • I was cycling down Fisher-Hallman at better than 30kph when a lady in a mini-van cut right in front of me to make a right turn...
  • Making a left turn from Westmount onto Columbia, I was starting from the red light, I was 1st in line and the car behind me, passed me on the right.
  • drivers on Columbia and Fisher-Hallman making a left turn waited for me as I came through on Columbia
  • driver turning into the plaza at Columba and Fisher-Hallman stayed behind me and did not cut in front
  • a driver coming out of the plaza, came out a little far & yelled "sorry" as I moved around him


michael lewis said...

Someone actually yelled "sorry"??

I've been yelled at lots (and NONE of it my fault; it's always some lunatic maniac car driver), and it's never been an apology.

I'm pro-cycling.

However, I dislike cyclists who insist on riding the sidewalks. SideWALK. Not sideRIDE. And what's with the crazy law in Alberta which permits 18+ to not wear a helmet?

Legs and arms grow back, for the most part, a head does not.

michael lewis said...

By the way, what are you riding?

mike said...

Someone - a male - actually yelled "sorry". I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.

"Legs and arms" grow back? What are they putting in the water out west? That aside... I agree wear a helmet!

One place I ride on the sidewalk is up a fairly steep hill with little pedestrian traffic and lots of vehicle traffic on a narrow road.

I'm still riding my black Norco Cherokee - it's about 14 years old now.

michael lewis said...

So, is that considered "retro" or has it ascended to the realm of "classic"?

I have successfully now climbed out of the coulees from Indian Battle Park along the Coal Banks Trail at the 3 Avenue S access: some steep, some slightly flat, a couple of switchbacks. Really nothing amazing, but it's something I never accomplished.

And I've done it not only once, but twice!!

Soon I will attempt a climb up Whoop-Up Drive.

(Yeah, I went a little Wiki-crazy looking for elevation no avail...but there is some great information there for those who want to learn more about Lethbridge.)